Career at Digital Agency Jakarta


Sales Executive (SE) responsible for seeking new accounts by offering consultation for Online Campaign/Presence Strategy incorporating various products in the online industry such as Websites, Microsite, Landing Page, Email marketing, Social Media Application, Digital Video, and/or Digital Activation.


  1. Female, max. 28 y.o
  2. At least 3 years experience in the related field
  3. A people's person, good looking, with good communication skill and vast network
  4. Have the ability to build and maintain professional networking
  5. Have a good awareness of the digital industry
  6. Previous experience in digital communication field will be an advantage
  7. Able to speak english fluently will be an advantage
  8. Mastering MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Adobe Acrobats


As part of the creative teams, Creative Designer will work together with Digital Strategist, Copywriter, and other designer to create a top notch visual presence for various client. On bigger scope, the creative team will then work with Production Team and Social Media Team to create a seamless digital presence using various online media for greater marketing impact


  1. max 28 y.o
  2. Graduate from School of Art & Design, Visual Communication, or other similar major
  3. Have a good sense of art, design, layout, and hand drawing ability with proven portfolio
  4. Experienced with video and non-video editing for social media, website, etc.
  5. Mastering Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design software
  6. Up to date with the latest trends and best practices in graphic designing
  7. Have ability to work well with deadlines
  8. Fresh graduate are welcome


Programmer is part of the development teams, that will work together with Web Analyst, UX Programmer, Designer, and other programmers to create top notch online presence in various channel. On bigger scope, the development team will then work with Creative Team and Social Media Team to create a seamless online campaign using various online media for greater marketing impact


  1. Male/Female, max. 28 y.o
  2. Graduate from any related study
  3. Strong logical analytic thinking
  4. Mastering PHP, Json, XML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript programming language
  5. Familiar with MVC concept, and its various framework
  6. Passion to grow and learn other programming language and/or framework
  7. Good knowledge of Mobile Development platform and framework will be an advantage