Indonesia has become the world big 5 leader in Internet market and technology. The terms BRICI (Brazil - Russia - India - China - Indonesia) represent countries that has tremendous internet growth in terms of market and technology capabilities.

Indonesia with its 30 million internet user represent only 12.3% of its entire population. With its standard growth rate of 20% each year its not hard to imagine its potential online market.

Other than the fact that Indonesia has huge internet user, they are also several interesting facts that put Indonesia as one of world internet super power.

Internet Freedom

The history of Indonesia internet infrastructure dated back in 1997 when internet had just enter Indonesia. All ISP that provide internet

Internet connection has to connect independently to each other, causing a cluttered and inefficient cable infrastructure Realizing the problem and future issues, several ‘internet guy’ initiate the Indonesia Internet Exchange using hardwares that given to them from many vendors that has the common interest and idealism. Other ISP that realizing the prospect has also contribute by connecting their infrastructure to this Indonesia Internet Exchange.

The result is a non-governmental internet exchange that controlled entirely by independent party. Own and controlled by public has made Indonesia the last bastion of internet freedom in the world.

Indonesia Internet User 2011 - Dipstrategy Digital Agency

The World Cabling Layout

It is long known that Indonesia located in the most strategic spot in the globe. In modern day it is translated into submarine cables that runs from all over the world, making Indonesia a super junction in terms of cabling and data transfer.

Many corporations has put interest on those facts and started to move their server to Indonesia. Lead by Yahoo, those corporations establish its online presence from Indonesia.

So what about Indonesia’s own companies and corporation?

It is the dawn of Indonesia online era, so its either be there or be left behind.

Krisno Wisnuadi
DiPStrategy Managing Director - Online Media Enthusiast