The What If

“What?! No way!”

That’s the first word that came out from my wife when I told him that I want to use bike to the office.
“The traffic is unfriendly, what if you get hit by motorbike or even worse, a car”.
“Well, I just have to be careful then”.
“What if you hurt your back?”
“I’ll take it easy, I’m not going to race other bikes”.
“What if you had a flat tire or broken chain or perhaps someone decide to grab your bike while you riding it and hit you flat to the ground?”

You see, the thing about ‘what if’ is that it has an astonishingly limitless posibilities of growing. Doesn’t really need to be logically true. Just start with a bit precaution, add some creative mind and stir it well with lot of negative thinking, and voila! there you have it.

Somehow, human minds are naturally thinks toward negativity. So natural that it need a lot of effort and famous quote to move it to the other direction. We need motivation seminars, talk shows, books, CDs, anything to just think positive. They make a huge business out of it. There’s this Chicken Soup book that was a hit that they decided to create Chicken Soup for Lost Soul, Chicken Soup for Teenage Soul, Chicken Soup for Married Soul, and so many other chicken flavored books. Can’t imagine what did the chickens do to become so inspirational species.

So what’s wrong with our mind anyway?

There is this theory saying that we actually posses an inheritance intelligence. Meaning that our cells contains the memory of our forefather. And since our fore fore forefather is Adam (and Eve) which been bring down to earth for some negative reason of stealing the forbidden fruit, then our cells are most likely bear the same guilt and negative traits.

Wow isn’t that heavy? I wont push it that far if I were you. Just want to share the understanding that this ‘what if’ things wont do us any good. Fears, worries, were just some kind of built in mechanism in our body that was pre-programed base on bad memories. So instead of letting this negative programmer control our live, why don’t we unleash the high spirited, optimistic, fear nothing, believe everything attitude that actually reside underneath.

After all, what we can do is prepare, not prevent. Anything that we can do right now for the future is to just prepare when it do happens, not prevent it from happening.

Just like master Oogway from Kungfu Panda said, “Yesterday is History while tomorrow is Mistery, but today is a gift. That’s why we called Present”. So heads up guys, stands proud, live today like it was the first day you ever had. Cheers!

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